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Unwanted Sexual Contact Lawyer

Unlawful Sexual Contact Lawyer in Aurora, CO

Unlawful sexual contact is an offense that occurs when someone touches the private parts of another person without their consent. This behavior is typically known as fondling or groping. While less serious than sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact is still met with harsh consequences in Arapahoe County that can dramatically impact the lives of those convicted. In addition to possible incarceration and substantial fines, being found guilty will require sex offender registration. Consulting an experienced unlawful sexual contact lawyer is highly advisable and can make quite an impact on the outcome of a case.

What is Unlawful sexual Contact in Aurora, CO?

C.R.S. 18-3-404 describes the conduct of unlawful sexual contact in Colorado. Someone commits this crime when they:

  • knowingly touch another person’s intimate parts without consent,
  • knowingly cause another person to touch their intimate parts without consent,
  • for the purpose of sexual gratification, entice a minor under the age of 18 to expose his or her intimate parts or engage in intercourse with another person

The term sexual contact refers to the touching of someone else’s intimate parts or having that person touch your intimate parts. Even touching the clothing over private parts is considered sexual contact when done with the intent of sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse. It is important to note that if the unwanted contact includes intrusion or penetration, sexual assault can apply.

Sentencing for Unlawful Sexual Contact in Aurora, CO

Whether facing charges in Arapahoe, Adams, or Douglas County, sentencing can include difficult penalties. Unlawful sexual contact is usually a class 1 misdemeanor. With the added label of an extraordinary risk crime, the maximum jail sentence can be up to a 1/2 year longer than typical class 1 misdemeanors. 6 – 24 months in county jail, as well as $500 – $5,000 are possible consequences of conviction. Penalties amplify with the presence of force, intimation, threat, or drugging. Now a felony, 2 – 8 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and a fine of $2,000 – $500,000 can apply to sentencing.

Aurora Unlawful Sexual Contact Lawyer

As with any sex crime in Colorado, expert representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial for those facing an accusation or charge. Sex offenses and the laws surrounding them are full of intricacies and details that require skilled council. Sometimes innocent people face damaging charges because of misunderstandings. Perhaps the touching in your unique case was in fact consensual or an honest accident. Nevertheless, it is vital that you not speak with law enforcement or provide statements of any kind. Instead, contact an aggressive unlawful sexual contact lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

If you or someone you know is facing unlawful sexual contact charges, be smart. Contact the highly rated defense attorneys at O’Malley and sawyer at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

Photo Credit: Pixabay – RyanMcGuire

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