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Denver City Attorney dismissed charges of assault and domestic violence. Musell Law was able to convince the prosecutor that the complaining witness was attempting to abuse the system to gain an advantage in a custody battle. Unfortunately, we see alleged victims making false allegations in an effort to create the appearance that the other parent is unfit.

Domestic Violence assault charges dismissed

Denver County

The Denver City Attorney’s Office dismissed a charge of solicitation of prostitution on the morning of trial. Brian Musell realized the prosecution would have problems proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. Musell Law called the prosecution’s bluff, and they decided to dismiss their case right before the jury entered the court.

Solicitation of prostitution charges dismissed

Denver County

Client found not guilty of allegations from alleged victim of auto accident alleging that my client ran a red light while driving under the influence of alcohol. After a lengthy court trial, the Denver County judge decided our client was not guilty of the charges.

Not Guilty of Driving Under the Influence and Running a Red Light

Denver County

Our client was charged with felony menacing, and attempt to influence a public official. Brian Musell convinced the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office that our client was defending his wife and home contrary to the statements made by the complaining witness.

Felony Menacing & Attempt to Influence a Public Official Case Dismissed

Jefferson County

Brian Musell of Musell Law convinced the district attorney’s office to dismiss its case by showing the prosecutor that the complaining witness continually lied about the allegations in order to protect the actions of someone else. After obtaining the dismissal, Brian Musell successfully petitioned the court to seal the case, which allowed his client to put this terrible situation behind him.

Multiple charges of Sexual Assault on a Child dismissed

Mesa County

No charges were filed in alleged sexual assault on a child case. The Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office decided not to file charges after Musell Law questioned the circumstances surrounding the allegations. My client contacted our office immediately after receiving a phone call from an investigator. We were able to get involved in the case early before any charges could be filed.

No Charges Filed in Sex Crimes Case

Arapahoe County

Convinced Larimer County District Court Judge to successfully terminate my client’s probation early. Client had served a little over two years of a five year probation sentence when he contacted Musell Law to see if he could terminate his felony probation early in order to accept an out of state employment opportunity. We presented the judge with a compelling argument to successfully terminate the five year probation sentence over the objection of the district attorney’s office.

Early Termination of Felony Probation

Larimer County

Musell Law persuaded the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office to dismiss a criminal charge of violation of a civil protection order. Musell Law was able to show that the allegations contained in the civil temporary restraining order were based on false allegations. In this case, the alleged victim was angry that my client was moving forward with his life after a contentious divorce.

Violation of Civil Protection Order Case Dismissed

Douglas County

Not guilty verdict in case alleging felony menacing with a deadly weapon and harassment. Brian Musell fought to introduce evidence of prior false allegations against the complaining witness. After the jury returned with a not guilty verdict, they expressed to the prosecutor that they felt the case should not have been filed.

Not Guilty of Menacing with a Deadly Weapon and Harassment charges

Logan County

Our client was charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child. The Denver District Attorney alleged my client possessed and distributed illegal images through a file sharing program. Brian Musell convinced the prosecution that his client did not have any knowledge that illegal material existed on his computer with the assistance of a computer forensic expert. This case is a good example of how an early and thorough investigation can lead to a dismissal of charges.

Sexual Exploitation of a Child Case Dismissed

Denver County

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