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Why You Need a Skilled Domestic Violence Attorney

Why You Need a Skilled Domestic Violence Attorney

There are many reasons why you need a skilled domestic violence attorney to defend your case. Domestic violence is a serious charge with a serious stigma surrounding it. Because of this, many domestic violence cases may need to go to trial. A skilled domestic violence attorney is necessary to argue your case in front of a jury. A criminal courtroom is a dynamic place. It’s important that you choose an attorney with an excellent record of defending domestic violence cases at trial. Mandatory Arrest Policy Musell Law is very familiar with this state’s mandatory arrest policy. This policy dictates your immediate arrest after a reported incident of domestic violence. Due to this policy, the police often arrest first and investigate later. This has detrimental effects on those that are innocent. Once arrested, the stigma of this accusation will remain with you. A domestic violence attorney can help to remove this stigma. Often times we can petition the court to seal the arrest record. Jury Selection Successfully selecting a jury takes years of practice defending domestic violence cases. Domestic violence cases often involve women as alleged victims. A skilled trial attorney will find out if a juror will always believe the alleged victim. A skilled domestic violence attorney will challenge any juror about their potential biases. A juror must be able to keep an open mind about the evidence, the law, and your defense. A juror with a bias against you will not render a fair verdict. A skilled domestic violence defense lawyer understands the importance of selecting the right jury for your case. Your Rights If convicted of domestic violence, you may lose some important rights. The collateral consequences of a domestic violence conviction can last for the rest of your life. You may lose your right to possess a firearm. This restriction will impact any career path that requires the use of firearms. If your occupation requires you to legally possess a firearm, then you could lose your job. Additional Information Domestic Violence Firearm Rights Domestic Violence Defense Hire a skilled domestic violence attorney A domestic violence conviction could impact your rights, employment, and liberty. It is in your best interest not to take these charges lightly. Our domestic violence attorney, Brian Musell is your best chance of successfully defending your case. Musell Law will build a defense against your domestic violence charges. We strive to protect your rights and your future.

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