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Why Is It Important to Remain Silent?

Why Is It Important to Remain Silent?

The Fifth Amendment guarantees you the right to remain silent. The right to remain silent applies at the time of arrest and throughout the criminal case. If you do not want to say anything to the police, you do not have to. Attorneys, legal professionals, and even law enforcement officials, encouraging defendants to remain silent. But why is it so important? Musell Law wants to make certain you know about your Fifth Amendment rights. Protect yourself from self-incrimination What is the worst that could happen if you choose not to be silent? Police will tell you that “Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.” This is absolutely true. You should remain silent before and after a police officer decides to put in handcuffs. The moment a police officer starts talking to you, they are picking apart everything you say. Even when you are trying to be helpful, you could be piling up evidence against you. Even innocent people who say the wrong thing can find themselves arrested. The police assume you are guilty. A person may avoid an arrest, and a potential conviction if they remain silent. A police officer’s job is to try to get you to talk An investigator will tell you that you will help your situation if you tell them what happened. This is not the case. Listen for some telltale leading questions that investigators may use when questioning you. If you hear any of these questions, it is time to evoke your Fifth Amendment rights. Did you know you were speeding? How many drinks did you have tonight? Your friend said you did it. Are they lying? Have you committed any crimes other than this before? It is illegal for you to lie to a police officer during an official investigation but it is not illegal for them to lie to you. Level the playing field Remaining silent levels the playing field, in a way, and protects your rights. One way to help balance a one-sided police encounter is to refuse to play their game at all and remain silent. For more information about your right to remain silent, contact us. If you need help with a Denver criminal or DUI case, contact Musell Law to protect your rights.

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