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Child Abuse Attorney

Child Abuse Attorney in Denver

Child Abuse occurs in Denver, Colorado when a person harms a child or places a child in a situation that may be harmful. The spectrum of consequences for a child abuse conviction are especially wide. Key elements of these cases are whether the child was injured and the frequency and seriousness of the alleged abuse. Charges can sometimes come about due to discipline styles of parents or caregivers. Some people aren’t afraid to appropriately discipline their child in a public place, but this behavior can be misinterpreted by a bystander in many different ways. Consulting an experienced child abuse attorney is vital if you’re facing a charge.

What is child abuse in denver?

C.R.S. 18-6-401 describes the conduct associated with Child Abuse in Colorado. A person commits child abuse when they:

  • cause an injury to a child’s life or health,
  • permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation that poses a threat of injury to the child’s life or health,
  • engage in a pattern of conduct that results in malnourishment, lack of proper medical care, cruel punishment, mistreatment, or an accumulation of injuries that results in serious bodily injury or death,
  • operate a vehicle under the influence with a child in the car,
  • perform or allow female circumcision or genital mutilation,
  • allow a child to be anywhere drugs are illegally manufactured

This is a lengthy list of circumstances, to say the least. Consequently, this broadness leaves for a lot of room for interpretation by prosecutors and law enforcement.

Sentencing for child abuse in denver

Typically, when conduct involving child abuse doesn’t result in serious bodily injury to a child, it is a misdemeanor offense in Colorado. If a person acts with criminal negligence, a class 3 misdemeanor applies with possible punishments of up to 12 months in county jail and a fine of $50 – $750. If an individual acted knowingly or recklessly in causing risk of injury, a class 2 misdemeanor can apply. Potential consequences can include 3 – 18 months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

In cases where a defendant has a prior conviction of Child Abuse anywhere in the United States, a class 5 felony can result. This can mean 1 – 5 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and also a fine of up to $100,000. The same sentencing parameters exist for those who commit child abuse in a position of trust or exhibit certain patterns of abuse or repeated harmful acts. Furthermore, in situations where child abuse results in serious bodily injury, class 4 or 3 felony consequences apply. Substantially longer periods of incarceration and increased fines exist in these scenarios.

Denver child abuse attorney

Navigating child abuse charges is particularly difficult in Colorado. Expert council from a reputable child abuse attorney is paramount. Even those under investigation, but aren’t yet facing charges should contact a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. Accidents happen and people can misinterpret what they see. This shouldn’t result in severe criminal penalties for parents and caregivers. Call our skilled defense lawyers for a free consultation so we can go to work in protecting your future and reputation.

If you or someone you know is facing child abuse charges, be smart. Contact the aggressive defense attorneys at o’Malley and Sawyer at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

Photo Credit: Pexels – Kat Jayne

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