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identity theft lawyer

Identity Theft Lawyer in Jefferson County, CO

Identity theft in Jefferson County, Colorado is a serious offense that involves using another person’s information to make purchases. Conviction can result in years in prison and fines in the six figure range. Earlier this year, a case of identity theft was discovered in Colorado after a husband noticed 4 new mobile phone lines opened in his wife’s name. Jokingly asking his spouse if she was moving, the family realized someone had spent thousands of dollars using their personal information. Consulting a skilled identity theft lawyer is essential if you’ve been accused or charged.

Credit Card Theft in Colorado

C.R.S. 18-5-902 defines the actions that constitute identity theft in Colorado. Someone commits this crime when they knowingly use another person’s:

  • personal identifying information,
  • financial identifying information,
  • financial device (credit card, etc)
  • without permission or lawful authority

A wide variety of actions using the above information can result in a devastating criminal charge. Withdrawing cash, making credit card purchases, applying for lines of credit, and even attempting to get a government-issued document are all unlawful when utilizing another’s information to do so.

What Level of Crime is Identity theft in jefferson county, colorado?

Identity theft is a class 4 felony in Littleton, Lakewood, and Golden. Penalties can include 2 – 6 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and fines ranging from $2,000 – $500,000. Additionally, with any prior conviction of identity theft or related offense (attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit identity theft), a defendant faces a mandatory prison sentence with an amplified maximum of 12 years.

Jefferson County Identity Theft Attorney

The laws surrounding identity theft are particularly complex in Colorado. Forming a strong defense against especially impactful charges requires representation from an aggressive identity theft lawyer. Prosecutors have a great deal to prove when pursuing a conviction and may miss vital elements that our attorneys can bring to light. It is imperative that anyone facing an identity theft charge or accusation not speak with law enforcement or providing statements of any kind. Instead, contact an expert criminal defense attorney capable of defending clients while prioritizing their best possible outcome.

If you or someone you know is facing identity theft charges, be smart. Contact the reputable defense lawyers at O’Malley and Sawyer at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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