Domestic Violence False Accusations

In Denver, Colorado, when sensitive subjects like domestic abuse, child abuse, and spousal abuse are dealt with, it is very easy for the situation to become uncontrollable. The police may appear at the family home during a loud argument and may make an arrest even if there is zero chance of violence occurring.

A mother can falsely accuse the father of abusing their daughter. An overprotective teacher can accuse a student’s mother of child neglect or child endangerment due to misinterpretation of injuries seen on the child. There are endless possibilities of a person facing frivolous accusations of domestic violence.

It is imperative that you call a lawyer, like Brian Musell as soon as you can, as he understands the condition of a person falsely accused on charges of domestic abuse. If Brian can get involved early, then you will have the golden opportunity to challenge all accusations leveled against you. You can also possibly avoid all the formal charges. There is a need to be very careful when dealing with cases of this kind.

Why do people falsely accuse another of domestic violence?

There are a huge number of reasons as to why an individual will intentionally accuse another individual of any kind of domestic violence when there was no occurrence of injury, abuse or threat. Revenge, anger, and jealousy are extremely powerful emotions and may cause the most balanced individual to make a false claim of being abused. In custody or divorce proceedings, a suitably desperate parent could claim that his or her counterpart has committed a number of domestic abuses so that the tides can be created in their favor. A misunderstanding, in other circumstances, could lead on to false accusations. A child’s talk can be misinterpreted and believed to be abused or neglected. A so-called inflicted injury may actually be caused by an accident. You should seek help from Brian to assist you in fighting the charges.